SUPELLEX – AR based furnishing engine. Designed just for you.

SUPELLEX is designed to complement your existing app and augments the conversion rate through a very immersive and practical user experience.

  • First dedicated Augmented Reality Ecosystem for Furnishing
  • Applet format for easy integration in existing Apps
  • Works without any dedicated user devices or print based props
  • Elastic cloud-based computing platform to handle variable app traffics
  • Enables multi-item mix and match for seamless upselling

Built-in Measure Tool

The built-in Measure Tool helps the user identify the width of the furniture that they wish to place in their home.

AR catalog

AR catalog lists down the possible furniture choices that they may go for based on their preferences.

The Applet

The Applet allows users to place multiple furniture items to view them together before they take the decision

Choose furniture of you choice

The user may choose to go for a particular furniture type and then filter it based on the dimension of his preferred space or alternatively measure the space in their room after choosing the furniture of their choice to be sure of the purchase.

Choose Dimensions

The user might visit your store and decide upon a furniture, but is hesitant of buying because they are unsure of dimensions – The store executive may lead the user to the app with the right asset id which enables the client to see it and order it.

AR Enabled Engine

The Supellex engine gives you an end to end solution for enabling AR into your app. With a built-in cloud-based engine that adjusts to the variable traffic of the app, the engine provides a seamless experience to the clients.

Vendor Dashboard

The vendor dashboard enables hassle-free asset upload. The uploaded asset is verified and validated and becomes a part of the engine.