Our Story

When will we be there?

It is not just about dreams, it is about what you do to your reality

Allumer Technologies is more than merely a company for us, it is a statement - of how an Indian company can create world class products and services

Everytime a movie from the Avenger saga came in, we were there to judge ourselves – trying to find that (teenage) inquisitive kid within us. When will we be there? How will we make all this a possibility? Create new avenues for engineering and science like Tony Stark did on his augmented workstation, when will the technology of Mysterio be a reality and what problems can it really solve?

While we searched for the answers in the existing technologies, we realized that more needed to be done. At one end was the revolution of online markets, spreading its base across the world, and at other was a series of products that were becoming more and more sophisticated, visually and functionally. There was a need to bridge this gap – and Allumer was born.

Allumer Technologies, is not just another company creating Augmented Reality Apps for prospective clients. We are building platforms that will make it easy for any business across the globe to implement AR into their existing ecosystem. We offer services such as 3D Model Analyser, Cloud Storage and synchronization, and Applet Modules which can not only integrate with mature Apps to enable AR for End users, but also optimize the content to suit their hardware and network capabilities. We are here to revolutionize AR.
Allumer is the name of the road, and we’re already heading towards the highway.
Bring in more – post your ideas to us below. What do you think AR is capable of, what do you want to do with it, to your lives?
Let’s break the glass ceilings together.

Dream Big

Imagine a world without boundaries, especially while developing a concept, and Act. Create a niche for yourself, and have faith that all that you believe will happen. 

Create Value

Be objective in approach, the products are supposed to create viable value for everyone. Be it the clients, colleagues, organization, or yourself.

Play Smart

Think about various methods that can be used to solve the same problem from multiple vantage points. Choose the path that takes you there, in the shortest possible time and most efficiently. 

Be Ethical

Ensure that your actions do not affect others negatively. Act from principles, don’t do what you don’t wish would happen to you, build positivity in the long term. 

Be compassionate

Step into the boots of the others, allow them to be. Let go off things that do not reek of compassion, kindness and positivity. 

Fail Fast

Do not hanker for long, build and act, create the right simulations. Take your ideas home in your imagination, and leave them if they don’t stand the test of any of the principles listed above.